The Crane Is Gone; Now It’s Time for the Details

Enough of the heavy lifting. Now it's doors, windows, trim and fixtures, details, details, details. Some of the shrubbery, however fake, was even delivered today. Or as team leader Mary Puleo (left) said, "now it's time for the icing on the … [Continue reading]

Day #2, and We Have a House!

It’s hard to size up the competition. One house arrived late today, other house lots look like collections of building materials. Next-door neighbor Clemson trucked in a 3,000+-piece 3-D jigsaw puzzle, each piece CNC-machined plywood. Its poured … [Continue reading]

Day #1 of Solar Decathlon Construction.

The S&T Solar House Design team had already moved their Nest Home once, some 5 miles from the indoor build site to the Rolla campus, so setting it up on a wide-open parking lot was a piece of cake. No drama, no worries, just mark off the lot, … [Continue reading]

Registration at the Solar Decathlon

Solar Decathlon 2015 looks promising. The layout is much better arranged for solar decathletes and public alike. Adjoining parking, plenty of nearby shade, and a better "village" feel to things. More human. Not stretched waaaaay down a converted … [Continue reading]

So It Begins…

Two weeks ago yesterday, the Missouri S&T Solar House Design Team unveiled the beautiful new “Nest Home,” S&T’s entry in the 2015 Solar Decathlon. Some 200 people showed up to tour the new home and hear team leader Mary Puleo and PR … [Continue reading]

Just a Quiet Afternoon in the Country

The City of Rolla lets S&T design teams use the Rolla National Airport tarmac for vehicle testing, and Solar Car, Formula SAE Racing, and now the Formula Electric teams have all taken advantage of the wide-open space. Originally a WWII Army … [Continue reading]

What a Thrilling Finish to Formula Sun Grand Prix 2015!

There are no photo finishes in a solar car race. Be it a three-day track race or week-long road tour the winner usually emerges from the pack well before the checkered flag is dropped, so the real scramble is for the runners up. Iowa State, which … [Continue reading]

Got Facebook? Watch the Solar Car Video!

There's a new video on the Solar Car Team's Facebook page! Check it out at Missouri S&T Solar Car Team on FB? (Translation: This elderly blogger doesn't know how to link it into the blog post.) … [Continue reading]

A Solar Car Race and You Want Clouds???

Who knew? Overcast skies made the first hours of racing kinda slow this morning, but about 11:00 a.m. the skies cleared and the cars really sped up. For a few hours. And then it got hot. Really hot. And the battery packs got hot. Really … [Continue reading]

Tires Are Becoming a Hot Commodity!

Despite yesterday’s near disaster, the Miners are tied for 3rd place in the Formula Sun Grand Prix. The car is running very smoothly, but the team is concerned about running out of tires. Rumors are the top five teams are chewing through tires … [Continue reading]