Competition Trips Are Just Over The Horizon

April though July are the travel-intensive months for S&T student design teams. That’s when they wrap up their year-long design and build schedules, and hit the road to prove their projects can hold their own against other top engineering schools.
Lost in the fanfare is one of the SDELC’s newest teams, Hydrogen Design Solutions (H2DS), whose project is judged in increments instead of a winner-take-all weekend.
Team leader Mathew Thomas reports that H2DS received their Phase 1
(feedstock analysis) score from this year’s Hydrogen Student Design task of designing a Combined Heat, Hydrogen and Power (CHHP) system for a university campus that uses local resources.
Mathew says, “we did pretty well, earning perfect scores from two of three judges, ending up with 17.72 out of 20 possible points.”*
The average score of all entries was 13.06, and only 7 of the 28 teams scored above 15, so the Miners have reason to be happy. S&T received comments praising their “excellent analysis for selection of the most appropriate feedstock.”
In Phase II, due in early April, the team must submit a technical design, address safety and code compliance, identify campus end uses, conduct an economic and environmental analysis, and develop business, marketing, and public education plans for their systems.
*For you SEC fans, that means they done real good!