If you can’t catch the FIRST Tech Challenge in person…


There may not be any cheeseheads at our FIRST Tech Challenge, but there will be plenty of fast-paced action. Check in via the live-stream if you can’t be here in person on Saturday, Feb. 26.

We hope a lot of our readers will be on hand for the FIRST Tech Challenge state championship here on the Missouri S&T campus this Saturday.
This is the first year S&T has hosted the statewide championship, and we’re looking for a great turnout, with hundreds of students, their coaches and parents, and spectators for the event.
But if you can’t be here in person, you can catch the event live online, thanks to the good work of our Video Communications Center staff. Just check the live stream (Windows Media Player required to view) throughout the day Saturday to get a peek at the action.
We’ll be hosting the event again this time next year, and the next, so you’ll have a chance to see the robots in action again next February.
(More information about FIRST and the FIRST Tech Challenge is available online at www.usfirst.org.)

Formula SAE video: Go, speed racer, go!

Missouri S&T videographer Tom Shipley was in Michigan with the Formula SAE Team and edited this rough cut video from the road.

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Download it here.

Also, here’s the official press release about the event.

Formula SAE: back in the top 10

A victory in the autocross race and solid performances in the endurance competition helped propel Missouri S&T’s Formula SAE Team to its third top-10 finish in five years in the annual Formula SAE international competition, held May 15-17 at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Mich.
The Missouri S&T team and its Indy-style miniature race car finished eighth among a field of 104 contestants from 15 countries. The University of Western Australia won the overall event.

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  • Audio wrapup from Brad Leuther, team leader for the Missouri S&T team.
  • Audio archive from the event.
  • The Missouri S&T team achieved its highest finish in the event since 2004, when the team finished fourth out of some 120 competitors. The team finished ninth in the 2005 event. After failing to complete the 2006 and 2007 races, the team’s 2008 ranking gives the team three top-10 finishes over the past five years. Earlier this year, Missouri S&T finished second out of 40 teams in a similar race in Virginia.
    The Formula SAE events, sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers, are designed to showcase the engineering skills of university students. Each year for the Formula SAE competitions, the teams design and manufacture a new car. At each event, teams were judged in several performance categories, including acceleration tests that resemble drag races, and an endurance test. Judges also evaluate cost and design.
    In addition to winning the autocross competition with a time of 46.9 seconds, Missouri S&T finished second in a design paper presentation, and finished in the top 10 in the endurance and cost categories.
    "Every year since I’ve been advisor, which began in 2001, the competitiveness has become more and more intense," says team advisor Dr. Hank Pernicka, associate professor of aerospace engineering at Missouri S&T. "For us to win autocross and to be so competitive in the other events speaks well of this team and our program. I’m very proud of this team’s accomplishments in such a highly competitive annual event."

    [Read more…]

    Formula SAE video: the making of Missouri S&T’s machine

    Missouri S&T student and Formula SAE team member Omar Al-Amody recently posted this clip about the teams speedy car.

    Here’s a clip from SpeedTV’s coverage of the April FSAE race in Virginia. Missouri S&T finished second in that event.

    Stay tuned for more video from the race.

    Formula SAE: Unofficially top five

    Missouri S&T’s Formula SAE team is unofficially in the top five of some 130 racers going into today’s final event, the endurance competition. The 22-kilometer endurance course will test the mettle of all FSAE competitors, but Missouri S&T’s Corey Blue thinks the team has a good chance to be in the top three when the smoke clears.
    Interview with Corey Blue, Missouri S&T FSAE team member

    Formula SAE: S&T posts fastest time in autocross

    Update, Saturday morning, May 17, 2008: The team’s time of 46.662 was invalidated as the car hit a cone during the run. This resulted in a two-second penalty. But Missouri S&T’s earlier run of 46.9 seconds was fast enough to put the team in first place in the autocross competition, 4/10ths of a second ahead of the next-fastest vehicle.
    The results are not yet official, but it looks like Missouri S&T’s Formula SAE team took first place in the autocross event of the international FSAE competition under way at Michigan International Speedway. Missouri S&T’s racer posted a time of 46.662 seconds in the autocross event. That’s at least three-tenths of a second faster than the next fastest formula car.
    Here’s a brief interview with S&T driver Richard Colfax, who drove the car to the top finish today. Colfax is a veteran of six FSAE competitions and graduates tomorrow with a degree in aerospace engineering. (He’s also an alum, holding bachelor’s and master’s degrees in metallurgical engineering from Missouri S&T.)

    Formula SAE: sounds from the speedway

    The Formula SAE competition is under way here in Michigan. Missouri S&T drivers performed well in this morning’s driving events — skid pad and acceleration. They are now getting the car ready for the afternoon’s activities. More news later. In the meantime, here are some sounds from the speedway.
    Interview with Brad Leuther, leader of the Missouri S&T team

    Interview with John Kiblinger, one of the Missouri S&T drivers

    Sounds from the speedway

    Off to the races!

    Missouri S&T’s Formula SAE Team is on their way to Michigan for the annual Formula SAE Competition this weekend at Michigan International Speedway. Team members hope to improve on their second-place finish in last month’s event in Virginia.
    Follow all the the action from this blog, or if you’re a fan of Twitter, sign up to follow this event and other Missouri S&T activities from the Missouri S&T Twitter page.
    We’ll also post audio updates from time to time on the brand new Missouri S&T Utterz site.

    Gone in 29 seconds

    At Mindy‘s instigation, S&T videographer extraordinaire Tom Shipley created a 29-second video of Missouri S&T’s bullet bike and entered it into KansasCity.com’s 29-second Film Festival. (The festival is in honor of today, Leap Day, Feb. 29.) Have a look and if you like what you see, feel free to leave your five-star rating (and comments) on the site. You can always comment here, too, of course.
    And if you’ve got five minutes to spare, check out the longer version of Tom’s bullet bike video, filmed on location in the Nevada desert.
    (Cross-posted at Visions.)