FSAE Glides Through Tech Inspection


You’d think with two other Formula design events (7th in Michigan and 1st in Toronto) under their belts in the past month that passing tech would be a slam dunk. Not so.
One tech inspection judge took a dim view of their safety harness guides, the same ones that served well in two events, and said “change it!” Doing so was not technically challenging but the Miners executed the work in an amazing manner according to outgoing leader Alex Mills. He said “we got back from weigh-in just 30 minutes before the Lincoln Welding facility closed for the day and this amazing group jumped on the job with everything they had! Some pulled off delicate DSC_0655electronic components while others got the generator out and fired up the compressor to grind off the existing guides. Jacqueline Stock and Jarrett Harkless made new steel guides and the crew pushed the car 100+ yards to the Lincoln location and got the job done just at closing time!”

That gave the S&T Formula combustion team an easy day ahead of tomorrow’s dynamic challenges so everything was checked and rechecked. Oil leaks were cleaned off and tracked down. Jacqueline found a tight spot in the accelerator travel and fixed it with a new knuckle, and other team members handled less important tasks.

Heresy warning: It’s not about the car, it’s about teamwork. Observers were impressed by how Jarrett, Alex and Jacqueline went back and forth on what to do about the accelerator return springDSC_0615 before agreeing that other options might be better but that they’d stick with a compromise solution as the best strategy for the two remaining days of the season.

Jarrett and Jacqueline are young, but they already understand the entire design process. Jarrett has been elected team leader for ’16-’17, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Jacqueline succeed him in another year.

Alex says “we’ve knick-named her “lil’ Jay Hammer” because she gets things done.”