Formula Electric: “We’re Gonna Run!”

Codemeister Nathan Loika made that all-important decree late this afternoon. S&T’s Artemis sailed through eTech inspection today with but two small changes to make, protecting high-voltage wires and confirming a ground connection. DSC_0150Megan Ratterree took care of the former and the latter will necessitate pulling a few things off the car to assuage the judges in the morning.

Nathan also commented that the daunting eTech inspections seemed much easier this year. We’re sure that’s his perspective but it may also be the result of days of intensive learning during last year’s eTech and a more experienced set of teammates. Either way (or both) the team is on the verge of hitting the competition track for the first time in the team’s 3-year history.
DSC_0002On the mechanical side everything was fine until the Miners weighed the car. When Artemis rolled off the scale it pushed both ramps outward, revealing drastically excessive toe-in that had gone unnoticed. That was corrected well before the sun left the sky.

But there are the variables. Temps are said to top 100 tomorrow, and fall just short of that during dynamic testing (racing) the next two days. Batteries do not do well when they overheat and the combustion engines don’t much like it either, so drivers and crews alike will have to develop a strategy to deal with it. So far the strategy is confined to staying hydrated, seeking shade at every opportunity, and sitting in front of industrial-sized box fans.