Formula Electric Passed Tech!!!

…and will run the dynamic events tomorrow!

As often stated, E-Racing is new in the U.S., in only three years old. During that time fewer than 10 North American cars out of 30+ teams have qualified to drive, and the Miners managed that in only their sophomore attempt.

It didn’t take long for the Miners to pass their “eTech re-check” today, but you could see the electrical crew ready to jump through their collective skins in anticipation. Nathan Loika DSC_0522especially, since he’s poured over two years of his young life into the Formula Electric project. When it came time to apply the “pass” sticker it was almost as if he couldn’t believe it, didn’t quite know what to do.

Artemis will start dynamic testing tomorrow morning in its brand new livery. Acceleration, braking, noise (NOISE??) and skid pad, with autocross to run in the afternoon.DSC_0262 The electric field will be somewhat bigger than last year’s threesome; S&T will be at least the 4th car approved to fly the airpark tarmac tomorrow.

And it’s still hot. Very hot.