Down to the Sea in Ships. And Rovers, Cars And Bridges.

Even Spring tornadoes don’t create the level of chaos that student design teams can spread across campus and beyond.
This week had Mars Rover introducing Zenith to an appreciative campus crowd while Baja SAE was mudding their way through the Tennessee design competition. Early reports indicate the Miners were still running at the end of the four-hour endurance race. First time in the team’s 10-year off-road history they’ve been waved through under the checkered flag!
DSC_7790Steel Bridge and Concrete Canoe are practicing like crazy, while finalizing plans for hosting this week’s 16-school engineering conference at the same. The same one in which they compete.
Steel bridge is under particular strain because their original design failed just four weeks before the competition. They’ve rebuilt from scratch and are in full-bore construction practice mode.
Canoe has resurrected “Alice,” the well-remembered highlight of St Pat’s celebrations of decades passed. The “Legend of Alice” is seldom mentioned in polite (mixed) company, so it’s reservedDSC_8148betterfor knowing smiles among older engineers. They’ve been practicing paddle team-work under some cold and windy conditions, and so far it seems the womens’ sprint team might even beat DSC_8100their male counterparts. The team also has the monumental task of dropping 25 weighted buoys all over Little Prairie Lake for Saturday’s proof-of-concept races. Wind and rain won’t make it easy.