Celebrating St. Pat’s

DSC_5210 - Version 2 (3)Yeah, there’s a parade, green-painted streets, couches on lawns complete with loud music and miscellaneous empty glass and aluminum containers scattered about, and two days of “independent study” in lieu of classes.
DSC_5289 (1)

So what? On St Patrick’s day, in a corner of the Kummer Student Center life went on, work went on, even if the workers were “greened up.”
In a madhouse of motion the Mars Rover Team was firing up Zenith’s new carbon fiber and Plexiglas “tires” before heading to a local quarry that stands in for the Red Planet’s surface. Four hours of playing in the dirt revealed some communication errors, but their new “tires” did well.
DSC_5143Solar Car burned through a lot of 400 grit sandpaper trying to perfect the molds for their first-ever monocoque race car. They’ve abandoned 17+ years of building tubular frames in favor of a structural exoskeleton, and that means a stiff learning curve as they head into a new direction. Speaking of new directions the 2016 American Solar Challenge will leapfrog it’s way through national parks from Ohio to the Badlands of South Dakota this summer to help mark the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service.
DSC_5107 (1)The steel bridge crew held a pizza-fueled strategy session in the Innovation Suite while the concrete canoe team used St. Paddy’s day to add a green stripe to this year’s watercraft and inlaid a line of shamrocks in the boat’s floor. They’re going the extra mile because S&T is hosting the concrete canoe and steel bridge competitions this year. Design team members are going all-out to make the 2016 Mid Continent Student Conference the standard against which all future host schools will be judged. And fall short they will. When over 300 guests from other schools see S&T’s Student Design and Experiential Learning Center, its fleet of support vehicles, massive manufacturing facilities, and crack(ed) professional support staff, look for the Miner admissions office to see a flood of transfer applications from the surrounding states.