As the point totals among the top four Solar Decathlon teams continue to climb, the percentile differences between each team grow smaller.

Days ago the variations between first and second place, or second or third were calculated to be about 1%. Now that percentage has shrunk to about one half of a percent. Nerve racking, as the event winds down.

S&T has slipped to 3rd place, just a point-and-a-half (or 4/10ths percent) behind Buffalo, but we think the juried (subjective) results, due to be announced in a few hours will return the Miners to their rightful place as best of the best.

Meanwhile, all across campus people have one eye on their work and one eye on the decathlon scores. Kinda like listening quietly to the baseball playoffs at their desks while pretending to work. We’ve heard of that happening on other campuses, but oh, no, not in Rolla.

The lowly Cubs took care of that….