Tracking the Decathlon Scores…

Is like watching a turtle race.

That’s not being critical, just voicing frustration that the top teams are all so close in the scoring. Exciting, yes; stressful, even more so.

Data is collected and compared throughout the event, and as we suspected from watching teams (re)build their homes, it was gonna be Stevens, Missouri S&T, Cal Poly and Buffalo leading the pack. Interesting to note that all four of these spectacular designs are grouped together in one part of the decathlon grounds. Nice neighborhood.

How close is the scoring? Over the last few days the Miners’ lead has been bouncing around from 1, 2, and barely three points ahead of the runner up (was Stevens, now Buffalo). With a current total of the Miners have accrued exactly 1% more points than the second place team, and 2% more than the 3rd place team. Way too close for comfort…

These are trends, that if nothing major goes wrong, should hold up throughout the entire Solar Decathlon.

But. The data only accounts for four of the ten scoring categories. Energy balance probably won’t be announced until the last day, and the subjective hasn’t even taken place. West Virginia’s soaring design and Clemson’s brilliant jigsaw-puzzle haven’t quite turned out to be the design threats we envisioned, but the all-important personal opinion contests could throw things into chaos. We’ve seen it at previous Solar Decathlons, and that’s all we’ll say about the topic.

Meanwhile, keep voting (daily) on the People’s Choice award. Doesn’t count in the official scores, but bragging rights are something to crow about, too.