It’s Time to Go Home

About the only sign of life today at the decathlon site were a few hundred students, walking zombie-like through the equipment, materials, detritus and partially-disassembled houses. And even a few still fully complete structures…
It was a mad rush to bring the solar “village” to life some three weeks ago, and the survivors are exhausted. No more scoring contests, no more crowds, no more middle-of-the-night ballot stuffing for the People’s Choice award, no more excitement on which to feed.
Starting Sunday the Miners worked until 2:00 a.m or later each night pulling the house apart and reloading it for the trip back to campus and it’s permanent home on what was the old 10th Street golf driving range.
As in many of the previous solar decathlons in which S&T (nee’ UMR) competed, the Nest Home was the first structure by far to vacate its temporary property. DSC_6023Today was simply sweep up, hook up the SDELC trucks/trailers and wait for the DOE landlord to check us out and refund our security deposit.
DSC_5879 (1)
Most other teams still had quite a ways to go, and even our friends at Stevens Institute of Technology, the well-deserved winner of the 14-team event, were kiddingly jealous of our planning and execution.

That proves that Missouri S&T has a firm grasp on the art of building science.

See you back in Rolla.