Day #2, and We Have a House!

DSC_2496It’s hard to size up the competition. One house arrived late today, other house lots look like collections of building materials. Next-door neighbor Clemson trucked in a 3,000+-piece 3-D jigsaw puzzle, each piece CNC-machined plywood. Its poured (!) concrete foundation even contains a built-in passive heating and cooling system. Their team is big, they work like crazy, and are obviously excited about their project because they seem to be smiling all the time.

The Miners? From slab foundation to full sized house in less than eight hours. DSC_2128
The “Crane Guys” showed up right at 9:00 a.m. this morning and by lunchtime all three containers were locked down in place.

The afternoon was devoted to “raising the roof,” first swinging in the three upper walls with windows that supply much of the Nest Home’s natural lighting.
The Miners had a full crew inside of the “nest,” waiting for the roof panels to “fly” (sorry!) in. Drop the first roof section, insert a bolt or two to establish alignment, then bring in the next slab while the rest of team scrambles to add and tighten all the remaining fasteners.

This crew wrapped up almost exactly at 5:00 p.m., a far cry from previous S&T solar projects that went round the clock. That’s the sign of excellent design that solves the problem at hand.

Still plenty of work to finish in the coming days. Wiring, plumbing, photovoltaics, and and endless rounds of technical “code” inspections.

DSC_2178But at least our competitors know we have a house. There’s even a welcome mat. Er, welcome chalkboard.