Day #1 of Solar Decathlon Construction.

DSC_1914 (1)The S&T Solar House Design team had already moved their Nest Home once, some 5 miles from the indoor build site to the Rolla campus, so setting it up on a wide-open parking lot was a piece of cake.
No drama, no worries, just mark off the lot, set up the three steel frames, attach all the deck and flooring sections, and screw down the decking. Then go out for dinner, all well before sunset.

It wasn’t just that they knew how to move the house, though that is extremely important. The could move it because they stayed on schedule during the roughly eight-month construction cycle, a feat often planned, but never actually accomplished by the Miners.
They Day #1 payoff? The S&T Nest Home was one of only two solar homes approved for seismic compliance.

This is, after all, California.