Solar Miners Nab 5th place in Start Line.

Three days in Texas are set aside for “scrutineering:” three days to pass seven critical tests or go home empty-handed. Electrical, mechanical, array, battery protection systems, driver, vehicle body/sizing/egress, and dynamics.

Day one was reserved for five teams, so that event organizers could get things moving in an orderly manner. Day #2 was a free-for-all; first-come, first-served. The Miners made the most of it, clearing every station but braking, and they got through that early the next morning. Scrutineering ends in just a few hours but so far only six of the fifteen teams are in the race.
S&T is spending the afternoon working on the array. This batch of solar cells has some years on it and it’s not working 100% but the students are challenging each diagnosis. Might be a bad solder joint, or a balky power tracker but separate groups are experimenting with every possible solution.