So, Why the Orange T-Shirts?

There’s no mistaking the S&T Miners at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA). They’ve chosen function over form, safety over civility, practicality over protocol by donning neon orange t-shirts instead of the now-classic S&T green garments.

Safety is a key consideration at all student design events, and solar car racers must be ready at a moment’s notice to attend to their stalled car. The rapid-reaction crew must wear orange safety vests anytime they venture on the track to fix flat tires, reset electrical circuits, or simply push their car up COTA’s massive hill going into turn #1.
No question that visibility on a crowded track is important, but with temperatures nipping at the century mark, heat injury is an even bigger concern; adding a nylon vest to your team uniform/t-shirt is simply asking for heat stress. It’s last year’s experience that taught the team to be smarter/safer, so they chose an, uh, eye-catching hue that has three advantages. First is visibility, as mandated by event rules. Second, cutting down on heat-trapping layers of clothing. Third? If there is an emergency you always know where your safety vest is.