On to Austin!

The Missouri S&T Solar car is about 40 hours away from heading to Austin, Texas and the Circuit of the Americas, the site of the 2015 Formula Sun Grand Prix.
Thanks to the good folks at the Rolla National Airport the Miners did some last-minute skid-pad and slalom testing this morning, and everything worked just fine. This is the last year they’ll race Solar Miner VIII, which as solar cars go is getting long in the tooth at just three years old. SMVIII sports a much more powerful and stable battery pack, which will come in handy because the solar panels ain’t what they used to be.
Donovan Gibson, Conner Kostelac and Austin Holmsley each put SMVIII through some pre-scrutineering dynamic trials so they are confident the car will sail through the parking-lot portion of next week’s race.

DSC_4163Donovan, a former high school track and field athlete, even tried to out run the car. He didn’t.