#42 is in First Place on Lap #42!

DSC_5255 (1)

Half way through Day 1 it’s an incredibly close race. After about 170 miles/53 laps four teams are within two laps of each other. #42 started fifth in line and gradually clawed their way into 1st place and held that for over two hours, all the way through the symbolic 42nd lap. They’ve lost some time to a pit stop and driver change, and they’ve reduced speed a bit (to 42 mph, of course) to keep the batteries from overheating. Tonight they’ll add some more ventilation holes to help get them through two more days of scorched-asphalt driving.

Tonight is also set aside to host Texas-based Miner alumni and their families. They’re joining us for fajitas and stories about the good old days. DSC_5520
Just like the guys in these chairs…..