Racing Design is Equal Part Hard Work, Boredom, and Excitement

The hard work has been going on for the past year, and continues unchecked until the end of the season.

When teams, electric or combustion, descend on competition sites at the Michigan International Speedway, Germany’s Hockenheimring, or the airport tarmac at Lincoln, Nebraska, the crucial details fall to the sleepUN_6781lead electrical or mechanical engineers, while the support crew is poised to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

In a four-day FSAE design event the most experienced and successful teams might drive the car for a total of FAST2DSC_1738three hours, so track time is highly prized. Things can and do go wrong in skid pad, autocross and endurance, but just like the entire design/build cycle, the best learning comes from figuring out what went wrong.