It’s Late. Missouri S&T’s Two Formula Teams are Bone Tired but Happy.

In S&T’s first Formula Electric event, the Miners didn’t make it on to the track, but they had lots of company. Of the fifteen or so electric vehicles on site only three or four passed tech inspections.

Of that group, only two attempted the endurance race.

Of those two, just one finished the 22km event.

The Electric Racing Team is smiling nonetheless, because they took a remarkable 5th place on the strength of their cost, weight, design, and presentation efforts.

The Miners’ internal combustion team had their 8th place in autocross revised to 6th overall, so they raced with the very best teams at the final event.
FSAE1DSC_3547Caleb Alne scorched the track and set the fastest time of the day. The car was running unbelievably well and he was carving up the track like an experienced surgeon. #81 had the crowd cheering, but when Caleb pulled in to change drivers there was oil all over the engine pan. Officials pulled them from the field, leaving the Miners with the dreaded DNF (Did Not Finish) that will knock them well down in the final standings.

Just an hour later the gas-powered designers were all upbeat and smiling as they packed up their trailer. They knew these things happen, but now it was time to think about doing better next year. And that’s cause for excitement.