Launch the Rocket. Look for the Rocket.

Becomes kind of a monotonous cycle.
RecoverySUN_8314 - Version 2
Each launching salvo consists of two to five rockets lined up on the pad. There’s roughly a 10-minute gap between each vehicle blasting off and the next, an interval that assures everything has returned to ground and that spectators aren’t trying to follow two rockets at one time.

It also gives ground trackers the chance to triangulate the likely “landing” spot to make recovery operations easier.

“Easier” is a relative term. One launch vehicle drifted back under parachute to within 150 feet of the launch rail. Others were more than a mile away in this featureless terrain.

Should parachutes fail (and they do) at 10,000 feet or more, the rocket becomes “ballistic.” That means you hope to see it in time to step out of the way…