This is not your little brother’s tricycle…

Springtime means the Miners are on the road to design glory. Just a few weeks back we had four (count ’em, FOUR) multi-disciplinary teams on the road in just one weekend.

In the chaos we neglected to mention the unveiling of Leviathan, the Human Powered Vehicle Team’s technical and creative masterpiece. The ASME-sponsored event calls on student teams to develop a practical human-powered vehicle, and the Peter Frieberger, Garrison Keith, and their teammates did that. But they took it one step further in building a technically superior and very fast device that just ate up the competition. Literally and figuratively.

At the west coast event in San Jose, CA “Leviathan”, the tricyle that leans and handles like a two-wheeler, proved so fast the velodrome course couldn’t even contain it. Peter’s momentum took him up the slope and onto the retaining wall, where, for a few seconds the trike was riding on a vertical surface before gravity again took hold. Nikia Chapman beat all other teams, female AND male in the sprint races, as the Miner men had their sprints cut short by crashes, leaving the team in second place overall.

Just two weeks later the Miners replayed their dominance by winning the Florida event. They swept male sprints, female sprints and the endurance race, took the innovation award, and earned 3rd in design presentation.

Words cannot describe how sophisticated, successful, and beautiful their sea monster-themed design was, so we’ll let their stunning video show you how total their domination was. Why not? We ARE the Show-Me state!

And if the engineering doesn’t work out this crew certainly has a future in video production.