Tech is about the race car. Design is about you.

Your team. Your design approach. Your management. Your process. All of which is the heart, the raison d’etre of experiential learning at Missouri S&T (and all those other schools).
FINALTripleprintFSAEIn design you are assigned one hour of uninterrupted, face-to-face grilling by industry experts. A whole bunch of them. Specialists in automotive drive train, suspension, electronics, materials, manufacturing, you name it. Why did you do this? What was your reason for this? Show me the data to back up your conclusions. It’s all professional and courteous but it’s almost as if they are daring you to convince/persuade/impress them.

The team puts forward its own subject matter experts to prove the concepts behind Car #50. The design goals, the implementation and methodology behind each decision, the execution, testing, validation and innovation. Your years of education and experience.

And communication. Paraphrasing Einstein, you must be able to explain the project succinctly and accurately, or it will be obvious you don’t understand it well.

One Miner summed it up pretty well when he said “We did pretty well because the judges stopped asking questions. That means we did a good job of communicating our concepts.”

To which Mark Welty laughed “Or else they thought we were total idiots…”

No chance of that, as S&T has been in the top tier of this event for much of the past decade.