Showdown at the Michigan International Speedway

Missouri S&T’s Formula SAE team is sitting pretty going into tomorrow’s endurance race. Out of 108 international teams the Miners have placed in the top ten of three categories: 4th in skidpad, 6th in autocross, and a stunning 8th in business presentation by Brad Macias and Mason Auch. Only a late submittal penalty kept the Miners from being a design finalist. 20/20 on real case scenario and 20/20 on justifying cost on cost report.

FSAEskid15SUN_3568Their autocross ranking means they are the 6th fastest in the field, and as SAE saves the fastest cars for last, it’ll be defending champion Oregon State, Graz (Austria) Technical University, Akron, Florida, San Jose State and S&T to close out the event tomorrow afternoon.
Right now there’s no way to know the overall standings as the design scores haven’t been posted, but since some of the traditional power teams have faltered in a few off-track categories, finishing strong in the endurance race should have the Miners in the top ten overall, possibly the top five.

Could even be their “Best Ever.”