Formula SAE tech inspection, and how to plan for it.

TechmoveDSC_8912The Miners’ Formula SAE Team knows how important tech inspection is. Don’t pass tech? You may as well stay home because you ain’t gonna race.

Planning for tech is a year-long process of studying the rules to make sure you don’t have to rebuild your car on site. S&T knows it’s good strategy to get in tech early so if problems (as they always do) crop up, you have time to modify your vehicle. We’re told S&T’s advance crew made last night’s 7:00 p.m. registration deadline with less than a minute to spare, and that effort landed them the 9th slot (out of roughly 80 teams) for tech inspection.

Tech is a cacophony of hectic voices. Imagine 15 cars just feet from each other in one garage, each of which is assigned a crack team of industry engineers who poke, prod, touch, fiddle with and otherwise put their TechCrowdDSC_8887palm prints on every nook and cranny of the car. Is this loose? Is this edge sharp? Is it safe? Does it fit the templates? The rules?

S&T was fortunate. They remembered some 2014 shortcomings and were prepared, running into just two issues, the seat height and a shroud for the fuel neck, and by 3:00 p.m. they had cleared tech inspection.

Tomorrow brings the documentation events of design, cost and presentation. In other words, get in line and wait your turn. Friday brings the vroom-vroom stuff.
And possible rain.