A Lovely Day for a Canoe Ride


Rain, wind, cold, clouds, sun, more rain and more wind. And your canoe is made of concrete.
UM and S&T canoesDSC_2047 But what you remember most is touching paddles with your competitors to say “well done!”

At the annual concrete canoe/steel bridge twin bill in Lawrence, KS this weekend Missouri S&T swept (dominated, actually) the mens and women’s canoe sprint races, while Mizzou edged out the Miners in the coed sprints. Melissa Heskett (bow) and Aspen Williams pulled ahead of the three other strong Show-Me State entries (SLU, Mizzou, and S&T ally Missouri State), beating traditional powers Oklahoma and KU.
GirlsDSC_1681Overall S&T’s Concrete Canoe Team finished 6th in the event, which balances design report, presentation, product and performance. Mixing the Miner mascot, Joe, with every geek’s favorite movie “Star Wars,” hatched the idea of Joebi-Wan Canoebi. The product display included a deep-space backdrop across which Tie fighters bearing TiefighterDSC_7527each of the the concrete components seemed magically suspended in mid-air. R2-D2? Its backside was the cross-section mockup of how the canoe was assembled. The overall theme, paired with a very well-constructed boat helped Rolla take 3rd in product, their best showing in recent memory. Now Joebi-Wan Canoebi is safely packed away for the return trip to 10th Street and Highway 63.

Next year the ante goes up. Way up, as the Mid-Continent ASCE conference returns to Rolla for the first time in 17 years. That means these two teams have to compete AND host the event. Quite a project, but nothing an S&T student design team can’t handle.