The Wonder of Social Media

One could argue that email is the controlling force in our lives. It’s a vital link between us and our family members, our business and customers both internal and external, our shopping, even our doctors, making that 8:00 login an essential daily ritual.

When dawn broke this chilly morn, tops on our inbox was this important message: Do you know KATY PERRY, Taylor Swift and Kevin Hart on Twitter?

Uh, no. No more than we wish to become part of the fall of civilization, where hordes wait breathlessly for the latest utterances of manufactured “celebrities”, where a TV show about nothing stays on the air for a decade or more. What’s the next catastrophe? Wrestling isn’t real? The new president of Michigan gets in hot water for criticizing their hallowed football program? Say it ain’t so!

How did we ever get along without this technological blessing?

Oh, the (lack of) Humanity!