What’s A Solar Car Race Without Rain?

Endless 16-hour days are wearing on this crew, but out of the exhaustion has risen a quiet determination to get things done. No drama, no meltdowns, just an intense focus on the tasks at hand. Fix the battery management system, clear the dynamic tests, hit the track and start counting laps.
Whatever cars do run today, speeds and distance will suffer. Heavy clouds, stifling humidity and storms sweeping in from the west mean teams are scrambling to waterproof critical systems. Rain-X on the windshield, trash bags for wheel well covers, and prodigious amounts of duct tape to keep it all in place.

Lap counts should be low this year. Scrutineering has been extended as fewer than half the teams have passed all the requirements to get on the track. The important thing is the Miners have come together as an effective team, confident of doing the job.