The Hill Of Death Eats Solar Cars

HOPD1DSC_0149HOD2DSC_0154_2Problem #1: Straight out of the pits is the Mt Everest of solar car racing. The Hill. Most teams entering the track have to go in the opposite direction, turn around, and get a 200-yard running start to have a good chance of making it to turn #1. The problem is Pit Lane is lower than the track and the slope starts sooner (and shallower) for cars already running at good speeds. A few unlucky teams had to use the “all hands on deck” plan to push their cars up the hill. On the other side of the coin is the new entrant from Iran, which has fielded a compact, four-wheeled screamer that just vaults up the hill. They’ve got a simple, inexpensive array mounting systems that has us saying “That’s genius! Why didn’t WE think of that?!”

Problem #2: It’s been cloudy all day.

#1 plus #2 equals real trouble for most teams

NEWS UPDATE!!! SMVIII just passed battery protection, the last hurdle before track time! That makes this trip a success with two days still to go. A long time coming!

It’s been four years since S&T managed to qualify for, let alone pass dynamics (see previous post), and they did that today. At day’s end they’ve healed their achilles heel and are bound for the track.

And that, Gentle Readers, is MINER PROUD!


  1. Annette Schoeberle says

    Congratulations SMVIII team! Time for some raycing!!