Such a Pretty Day!

Yesterday was great.
SCT BLOGDSC_9171 Nice breeze, not a cloud in the sky, and you’re crawling in, under and around your solar car at a gleaming new concrete and asphalt race track. In 102 degree heat.

Welcome to Formula Sun Grand Prix near Austin, Texas.

It’s “scrutineering,” the three-day process of validating your sun-powered race car design. Over twenty international student teams are rekindling old (and starting new) friendships, borrowing everything from soup-to-nuts, reading and re-reading the rules, and making sure their two-year design/build project is ready.
Students put their heads together to make sure everyone knows what’s going on, tell a few jokes to cut the tension, check to see if your co-worker needs anything, and take the occasional break to study the process of team dynamics.
PrincipiaDSC_9122Then prove it to race officials before running the corners, hills and straightaways of a real Formula 1 race track. Whoever tallies the most laps in a Thursday/Friday/Saturday race, wins.

Today it’s showers, storms and a forecast of relatively mild 96 degrees. And yes, it’s the humidity.