S&T Clears Dynamics Test/What’s A Few Cones Among Friends?

The Solar Miners squeezed through scrutineering with some difficulties, but got high enough marks to reach the dynamics (wet braking, figure eight, slalom and U-turn radius) events.

Drivers Austin Holmsley and Devin Valmores each had a crack at the events, and aside from radius turn, did just great. S&T has opted to eschew the 1,700-mile road race in favor of running a sound car only on the track, so judges waived that task, knowing that a track U-turn won’t ever happen.
Devin did manage to nail a cone on his first slalom run but sailed through the second time. For his efforts Devin will be inducted into the Order of the Orange Cone, and his teammates will paint a small orange cone alongside his canopy.