Letha And The Beetle

It’s not always about the car. Sometimes it’s the little side stories that add the human spice, memories that will bring a smile years from now.


Letha Young, Honorary Knight of St Patrick, has long been the Team Mom, student herder, fire warden, master chef, support van driver, and all-round great friend. And worthy adversary to a very stubborn beetle.

No YouTube video could ever capture the scene. Letha’s clean-up crew was sweeping up the garage when a large beetle emerged from some boxes. Letha took the broom and “guided” the beetle toward the door, giving it a final push well out into the pit lane. When the little hardshell finally stopped tumbling end-over-end he indignantly righted himself and headed right back to the garage as fast as his six legs could carry him.

As soon as he hits the threshold, Letha’s broom boots him some 20′ back out to the concrete, with the same results. This time Mr Beetle figured a diagonal approach might get him back under the cardboard so he headed for the corner. Nope.

By now students from two racing teams join the beetle-soccer game. No one wanted to step on the determined little critter, so they eventually grew tired of the game. By now Mr. B is probably back where he started.

Such is a day in the garage.