It’s Good To Be Back!

Hill42DSC_0283Hill? What hill?

Solar Miner VIII took the hill from hell as if it wasn’t even there. No 200-yard running start, no hesitating, no fear, just boys-will-be-boys pedal to the carbon fiber and jaws dropped all over the paddock.
pitsDSC_0312#42 has been running steady laps for nearly two hours now. A brief pit stop to check on things and it was back on the track. The support crew is basking in the glow of S&T’s return to top-tier solar racing. And they’ve grown a LOT as students, peers, and leaders in just the past two weeks.

The only dark cloud is the dark clouds. Rain swept through last night but grey skies show no sign of moving out. The Hill may have the last laugh this afternoon, as battery packs wane, and it becomes strategy, strategy, strategy. Like a few teams yesterday who drove around the course is what could best be described as a “crawl.” But once they hit the straightaway it was an all-out attack on The Hill. Most successful, some not. Just like today.