Today our great friend John Tyler celebrated who-knows-how-many-years on this earth.

He’s been everything to this (and every) design team. Water Jet Jedi, chauffeur, mechanic, mentor, cheer leader, cookie monster, friend, soldering demon, inventor, you name it. He’s been a champion of UMR/S&T solar cars for 20 years and it’s fair to say this team couldn’t have done without his guidance, patience and good humor.
John can’t be here in Texas this year, but we miss him terribly. The Solar Miners are planting his name on Solar Miner VIII in his honor.

hagrid-1p.s. Don’t know John? Your loss! He’s the Missouri Wizard, identical twin to, and inspiration for, fellow wizard Rubeus Hagrid.

That makes S&T students, staff, and faculty the luckiest people this side of The Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Live long and prosper, John!. There’ll always be a place on the team for you!