When Boring is Good

Boring is an old engineering term for “nothing goes wrong.” That means your project is well designed, well constructed, well tested, and you have a cohesive group of dedicated team members, advisors and sponsors.
John Tyler, patron saint of the S&T Solar Car Team, tells of the 1999 SunRayce when the team was bored to tears because nothing was going wrong. And they couldn’t have been happier, because boring was a side effect of winning the championship.
That’s where S&T Racing is this morning. They’ve bled the brakes, polished the body panels, ate donuts (sometimes at the same time), and kicked back to relax. It’s time for stories, jokes, talking to sponsors like NuCor, and hosting dozens of competitors who want to see what makes the car so good.
Boring2DSC_6070 A couple of design judges stopped by to debrief the Miners on the design evaluation, TEACHING the students about things to consider on future designs.

Boring is NOT what the SAE organizers had this morning. Overnight storms mauled the event infrastructure and the morning crew had their hands full. We hear that two porta-potties were blown out onto an active runway and ended up in the grass. When SAE staff went out to retrieve those all-important items, airport security wasn’t aware of the problem.

That was NOT boring.