“We Thought Today Would Be Horrible!”

……….expressed a relieved Miner FSAE team member late today, but the day’s outcome was much better than feared.

Not better than expected, because they didn’t come in thinking they’d fail, but with FSAE Lincoln being the season wrap-up they wanted to do well. Some just spent too much time worrying about what might go wrong. At day’s end the S&T #3 car had passed tech, tilt table, the muffler sound test (which stymied them for a while in Michigan), and every other possible challenge available to them.

RuleofthirdsSUN_8293They were delighted to get some time on the practice track “scrubbing” a new set of tires, and a quick study shows that S&T Racing’s car is handling beautifully. Fast, tight, accurate, and problem-free. Good news for tomorrow.
Bad news for the other top teams.

In the morning it’s acceleration, braking, skid pad and a host of other dynamic events, wrapping up with the afternoon autocross event. The threatened storms are well off to the east so tomorrow’s weather looks great. Slight chance of storms for Saturday’s all important endurance race.