None Shall Pass!!!

Tech inspection is strictly limited to four students per team. More that than will just get in the way and cause unnecessary distractions.

Students, on the other hand, suffer from extreme separation anxiety; they just can’t bear being away from their precious car and try every ruse imaginable to get past security.

Ain’t gonna happen.
Queens of crapDSC_5276
From “Dave (the Ogre) at the Gate”, who for decades has ruled the track entrance, to the Lincoln, Nebraska “Queens of Crap” (QOCs) above, no amount of tricks or groveling will win the day. If you don’t have the right pass, or forget to wear long pants on race day, you are stopped cold. End of discussion.

These QOCs stop more intrusions then a bug zapper in a swamp. They’re great to talk to and treat competitors like their own children, but don’t be fooled; try to slip through and they’ll hit you like a lizard’s tongue nailing a fly. They can detect “crap” (hence the moniker) like lie detectors at a political convention. And oooooh, do they have fun doing it………

Why are they so good at this? Setting aside the gender factor/advantage, they are volunteers who fear no supervisor or loss of pay. They are here to support students, watch great (and a few not-so-great) racing cars, and have fun.

Therefore they are invincible.