Mars Rover Design Team Vaults From 10th To 2nd!

This time last year S&T’s first attempt at the International University Rover Challenge the veteran Polish team said “WOW! If this is what you bring in your first year, we can’t WAIT to see what you bring NEXT year!*”

Our Polish friends quickly found out as the Miners were nipping at their heels when the “Martian dust” had settled. S&T Mars Rover Design Team finished in second place out of 23 teams from all over the world. Team Poland, Hyperion, took a first place win this year, repeating their performance from the last competition. Consequently, the S&T MRDT is the best rover team in North America.

* The Poles’ words are paraphrased since they wouldn’t be safe for general consumption, but we assure you, they were meant as a sincere compliment. 🙂


  1. Douglas Stone says

    That is wonderful news! So excited that the team was able to improve in the second year. Many wishes for your success next year.