Wheels on the Ground

S&T’s amazing Formula SAE car is at the St Charles Family Arena today. Their work at the Rolla National Airport is done for now, as the arena’s much larger parking lot really lets the car stretch its legs. In their place the reinvigorated Solar Car Team is using Rolla National Airport’s apron. This young team needs to get a lot of miles on the car well before heading to Austin, Texas in July. They set up a slalom course precisely the same as they’ll face during “scrutineering” at the Formula Sun Grand Prix. Drivers did their best to quickly slip through the course without striking a cone, but didn’t meet the 11+-second maximum tine. Solar carairportDSC_5296[2]
That’ll take practice but the car certainly looked stable enough and mechanically sound. Seasoned observers noted that lap after lap there were no rattles or rubbing sounds. Each of those issues mean reduced efficiency or something coming loose after some road miles.
Solar carSUN_4031After the 9th or 10th slalom sweep the car ground to a halt. Seems a somewhat erratic battery board quit and the battery management system shut down the whole system, just as it should. The students have a handful of spare and boards to complete the repairs. After recovering from yesterday’s aggressive shop-cleaning party, they should be ready to fixing the bugs and be at back at the airport next weekend.