Two-Week Hiatus for Student Competitions

That DOESN’T mean things are quiet*

The Design Center’s trucks, trailers and vans are getting some much-needed rest and maintenance. Steel Bridge, Concrete Canoe, Human-Powered Vehicle (twice) and Advanced Aero Vehicle (also twice) have been on the road from Orlando to the San Francisco Bay area and points in between.

We often say there’s a whole lot more to engineering than just engineering. Time management and logistics are equally important in the process of global product development. Students must understand the difference between price and cost. They must weigh the cost of airline tickets vs. fuel, food, and lodging for a grueling two-day road trip and time away from class is a huge issue. Think “Penny Wise and Pound Foolish.”
CRSUN_3926The Human Powered Vehicle team spent weeks debating whether to fly or drive to the West Coast. They evaluated the trip’s costs of time, safety, and risk and decided to fly. Design center director Chris Ramsay did the driving honors, stopping along the way to meet with some friends of the university and to change a tire and see a few sights along the way. Hauling all their gear let the remaining fourteen students arrive fresh and ready to compete, kept them from missing many classes, and the design center vans didn’t smell like a restaurant dumpster.

*Steel Bridge is improving their bridge and rehearsing for the Nationals, and Solar Car is finally getting some miles on the new vehicle.