A Recipe for Mud?

Memorial Day weekend. 100+ international collegiate Baja SAE teams in Southeast Kansas for an all-out dirt race. Moisture from the Gulf of Mexico is flowing northward. We’re betting that dust won’t be a problem.

Miner BAJA!, our friends from São Paulo, Brazil, and hordes of other foaming-at-the-mouth dirt drivers swarmed into the Kansas Technology Center yesterday for two days of safety inspections, standing around, design presentations, standing around, driver egress testing, standing around, ad infinitum……. The dynamic events of hill climb, log pull, maneuverability, acceleration and braking kick off tomorrow, and rainstorms are in the forecast.

Sunday is the four-hour attrition/endurance race, and the weather isn’t looking much better.

It’s a good thing new SAE rules require large 3-D numbers on each car, because when the mud starts flying all the cars look so much the same that the drivers’ own mothers couldn’t tell them apart.

As if they’d (ugh!) want to…………