Mia C47DC3
It’s somehow appropriate that if you build a car that can really fly, you take it to an airport.

S&T’s world-renown Formula SAE team has long had trouble finding nice, clean concrete or asphalt acreage on which to gather data about the car’s performance. As parking lots fall into disrepair, crabby neighbors complain about the sound of a (properly muffled) 600cc motorcycle engine, or people’s cars actually park there, they end up moving from venue to venue.

Time for stronger action. Long story short, Jack Savage’s crew undertook a satellite search of drivable property in a hundred-mile radius, but in a post-911 world didn’t consider airports. Some non-satellite networking turned up a well-maintained airport owned by (surprise!) the City of Rolla. A few visits, sales pitches, and negotiations later the team has temporary ownership of airplane hangars and tarmac with but one proviso. If an aircraft taxis in, get the hell out of the way.