Odds ‘n Ends from SAE Aero 2014…

Karma: If you cloak your plane in secrecy convinced another team will steal your design, don’t crash twice. Think about it; every team spent a year developing and testing their design. It’s hardly likely they’ll copy your aircraft in two hours and rob you of a victory you feel is yours alone. Paranoia won’t be an asset in the workplace.
Protect your aircraft at all times. Aviation freaks can zone out and trip over your plane. You haven’t slept in days, what makes you think they have?
bigger bagSUN_7495
When your job is to recover aircraft, bring a bag big enough for the job.

A beautiful March day in Texas, and all the big-boy toys are out. Bass boats, Harleys, hot rods, a pair of aerobatic aircraft roaming the sky, even a trio of Air Force fighter jets. Aviation-crazy students exclaim “LOOK! Real AIRPLANES!”

Bring all the tools and parts you can. Then double it. You’ll need ‘em.

If your plane can’t get off the runway with your 3-pound package, don’t drop it on the runway. It’s embarrassing.

Flying wings. There’s a reason you never see more than one at SAE Aero events.

Don’t forget SPF 90 sun block. Just because it’s still winter in Missouri is not an excuse to get burned.

Parts left over make not an official flight.

Inverted crashDSC_0042
Hope what you will, never place a cash bet on your own airplane.