Just Because They Are Pedal-Powered, Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Wreck.

If this were the “professional” media we’d rely on a bunch of tweets/twits and not pay anyone to write viable content. Instead we’ll plagiarize* email observations from people who know something about last weekend’s Human Powered Vehicle Competition.

Pretty awesome competition despite all of the set backs and ultimate
breakage. Lots of lessons learned and some strong indications of a team really gelling next year.

Chief engineer Peter Frieberger and Jon Sanders handled the men’s drag race, a sure victory had not Jon pulled his cleat twice on the final race, leaving the Miners with a respectable 2nd.

Jon’s determined endurance riding rolled the trike, damaging a ball joint, steering column and push rod and setting up Miner team leader and first-rank rider Nikia Chapman for a second-lap breakdown(the trike, not the girl). She put on a post-wreck clinic of sheer determination here by carrying the bike on her head for her last lap. Ian Rogers closed out the endurance race by jogging the faired vehicle through his laps. Most of the fast teams (Olin College, Toronto, S&T and Wisconsin) ended up pushing their bikes across the endurance finish line Sunday afternoon.

Host team University of Central Florida should change their name to the university of “kick ass and take names” because that is pretty much what they did. Solid bike, solid competitors, and a female rider almost the equal of legendary S&T rider Whitney Metcalf. In any case they were very gracious winners.

*Remember when plagiarism was a criminal offense that shamed forever the miscreant? Now it’s cut, paste and share without regard to intellectual property rights. OMG!