Just Because It’s Steel……..

Doesn’t mean it’ll work, but more on that* shortly.

BridgeDSC_2856 - Version 2The Miners were second out of the assembly gate this morning, with KU getting the nod to start. Jermy Jamison’s three-member crew sailed nearly flawlessly through the assembly race and easily passed all the clearance measurements. Lateral testing and deflection? Perfect!

KU appears to have assembled their bridge as quickly as, or even faster than S&T, but lost points when the bottom of their structure was just a tiny bit low. The Jayhawks started to load their bridge with the requisite 2,400 lbs of dead-weight steel, but just 100lbs shy of full load there was a tremendous BANG!, and the venue became suddenly very quiet. *KU’s bridge folded up like an accordion but oddly enough stayed in one complete piece. A 17-foot-long zig-zag piece. Mizzou’s bridge looks good but exceeded allowable deflection and is out of medal contention.





Plenty more action this afternoon, so drop back in about 4 hours or so. Let give a quick salute to Oklahoma State, who’s doing a stellar job of hosting the Mid-Continet Student Conference!