Amateur Bobsled Races/HPVC Teaser

Most ASME Human Powered Vehicle events are held on college campuses (campi?), business parks, closed-off roads or an out-of-the-way Indianapolis track that comes alive every Memorial Day weekend.

The Hellyer County Park Velodrome, San Jose, CA is the site of next weekend’s ASME West Coast Competition, and if the video below is any indication, there’s a troubling resemblance to southern-style bootlegger’s racin’.

At the 1:05 mark S&T shows how it’s done. Thirty seconds later see how it’s not done.

Peter Freiberger’s carbon-fiber masterpiece BANSHEE performed beautifully in Orlando last week until it became “Trike? Meet hay bales. Hay bales? Meet trike.” Collisions and rollovers cost BANSHEE a tie-rod end, steering column and a connecting rod, but the vehicle’s lightweight but incredibly strong fairing (and rider) came out with nary a scratch.

Repairs and realignment should be finished this weekend for the westward journey, and BANSHEE should do beautifully.