A Typical Concrete Canoe Event

Day 1:
Haul the boatBoatSUN_1742
Lift the boatLifttheboatSUN_1743
Float the boatFloatUN_1746
Sink the boatSinkteboatSUN_1753
Photograph the boat.PhototheboatDSC_3877
Raise the boatRaisetheboatSUN_1774
Lift the boatBoat1DSC_3883
Haul the boatBoat1DSC_3895
Tape the boatTapetheboatUN_1693

Some quick observations:

There will be a run on duct tape in Stillwater tonight.

Oklahoma has brought some horses. If those guys do anything more than carry their canoe the other teams’ paddlers jobs just got a lot harder.

One boat looks like a dugout canoe, and is just about as tough to lift.

It doesn’t say much about confidence in your boat that you put duct tape on BEFORE you do the dunk test.

Mizzou’s Aggregator and Kansas’ Ad Astra have superbly-built canoes. Nice to see them competing head-to-head again, without TV revenue fouling things up.

Weather will be beautiful but windy for the races tomorrow. Look for some crews to struggle against the wind and waves.