Just Another Saturday Morning In Rolla

Parade Court_MHW3415
……………in which months of pent-up cabin fever explode in oceans of green. After(?)* the roughest winter in over 20 years the annual “Best Ever” St. Patrick’s Parade was the perfect, if brief antidote. Warm enough for the party atmosphere, almost too warm for the mandatory wearing of the St Pat’s sweatshirts, but perfect for the debut of S&T’s reworked Solar Car and its proud Solarcar1_MHW3485builders.

The as-yet-unnamed car is sleeker than previous Miner racers that have cruised the racetracks and highways of North America. The 2014 American Solar Challenge, slated for mid-July, will take a due-north track from Austin, Texas through Wichita, Kansas before taking a gradual north-east swing to end in St. Paul, Minnesota. There’s still a lot of work to do on this solar speeder; the team is young and short on race experience, the untested platform has, as yet, no road miles behind it, so they’ll likely chart a cautious course and build their confidence while they build a capable car.

*24 hours later Pine Street was blanketed by three inches of sleet and snow. Welcome to Missouri!