Isn’t It Great When Your Sponsors Brag About You?

Here’s a neat story about S&T’s Human Powered Vehicle Competition (HPVC) Team and the challenges they faced and overcame on the 2013 ASME competitions.

It’s not just the students who get a kick out of competing, it’s the parents, friends, Miner alums and business sponsors who live vicariously through the camaraderie, travel, and above all the LEARNING that accrues at these events.

Coastal Enterprises has been a stellar supporter of this Miner design team, and by connection several other SDELC teams who learn what the HPVC learns by using the Coastal products and technologies.  The firm is proud to help train experienced process engineers for tech industries, and if given the chance, would probably jump at the chance to ride the Miner bullet bikes.  Coastal also likes the fact that the Miner team shares the largesse with other university teams.

Why share with your competitors?  Simple.  The competition is the fun part but trophies are soon forgotten, but the friendships and learning are forever.