Friends In High Places

tenKblogWellllllll, only about 15 feet from the ground, but who’s counting?

The S&T Chameleon House is a student design project of massive scale that can’t be successful without a lot of partners.  The Solar House Team’s biggest and most visible business sponsor is tenKsolar, whose new array design converts wasted space  between rows of traditional solar panels and uses reflectors to boost the PV modules’ energy output.  TenKsolar donated the entire array, including the roof-mounted AC inverters, which improve efficiency by shortening DC power lines.

Yesterday afternoon Erica Forsman (third from right), tenK’s midwest region sales manager, dropped by the Chameleon House construction site to get a first-hand look at how quickly this student group built a house and set up the firm’s solar array.

There’s still plenty of work to do on the home’s interior as the students can attest.  Besides (right to left) Charles Wright, Leann Krieger, Erica, Emily Vandivert, Shawn Herrington, Eric Mullis and Chris Bowe, dozens of other team members are dedicating most (or all) of their summers to build, test, and operate a great solar home!

Next task?  Move the home nearly 2,000 miles to Orange County, CA for the 6th U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon.  Set it back up, compete, then bring it back to Rolla as another campus energy-related showcase!