And On The Seventh Day They Rested

Just six solid days of non-stop work took the Chameleon House from a barren platform to an impressive structure.  Day #7?  Rest, and study for final exams that start tomorrow morning.
This was a rough week, with team members Aaron Enz, Colin Polleys, Katelyn Denby, Shayne Heskin and a host of others putting in long hours.  They led rotating crews of a dozen of more team members in 12-hour work shifts to sort and assemble Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) before craning each one into position.  And we can’t say enough about campus support!   Equipment operators Wendell Hendricks and Roy Snelson stepped up and worked late to help keep this house on schedule.  Thanks, Wendell! Thanks, Roy!  And thanks to supervisors Jim Duncan and Glen Matlock for “loaning” you to us!

By Saturday the upper-classmen had to study for exams and let blisters heal so low-key freshman Nolan Severson took over and ran the crew.  Nolan’s squad finished the fall-prevention railing and sealed all of the roof seams so team member Kyle Irby and his dad Lamar can install the roof membrane before the next round of spring rains sweeps through.  If the weather holds we expect to have the solar panels positioned on the roof in time for Saturday’s graduation ceremonies, house wiring well underway, and even the drywall installation ramping up.

Lots to do; little time in which to do it.  But this group will have it done, done well, and set up in California in late September.